Direct current (DC) power systems are the future for the growing digital and developing world. DCfusion has the vision, expertise, experience and partnerships to enable the proliferation of DC systems and microgrids.


We provide independent DC/AC power system consulting services to industries which enables the development, deployment and proliferation of DC/AC power distribution technologies within the developed and developing world. DC power is the enabling technology that allows for the environmentally responsible, highly reliable and cost effective deployment of new generation power systems for critical environments and DC microgrids.  DC power is the foundation for a resilient, reliable and sustainable future!


DCfusion brings together direct current (DC) industry leaders to provide unified solutions that help solve key energy challenges of our time. Commercial viability of DC systems and networks are here today, and industry guidance is found with DCfusion, and our collaborating technology partners. 

Simply, we are industry-leading engineers and consultants for the higher voltage DC market.