Increasingly the Cable and Telecommunications industry is looking to an AC/DC hybrid solution to maintain or improve electrical resiliency.  Through its work with the SCTE (Society of Cable Telecommunications Engineers) DCfusion has an industry-leading solution to achieve the organization’s goal of reducing grid dependency and electrical consumption, while also improving the industry’s resiliency.

Offgrid Communities/ Multi-Tenant

In growing numbers there are offgrid communities who manage their own waste water, solid waste, farming and other sustainable infrastructure. Most of these offgrid networks feature a DC system.  For older multi-tenant buildings, DC solutions are very conducive to helping developers renovate and meet current building codes, both economically and sustainably.

Critical Infrastructure/Resiliency
DCfusion partners with Instant Access Networks (IAN) providing solutions to harden sites critical in the event of a High Impact Threat to support critical infrastructure endangered by natural and unnatural disasters.  “Critical infrastructure” includes assets, systems and networks (physical or virtual) so vital to the U.S. that their destruction would have a debilitating effect on security, public health, safety, etc.


Data Centers
Implementation of DERs is being considered at data centers to meet sustainability and grid dependency initiatives. Lowering the cost of resiliency and electrical consumption can be achieved through current microgrid technology. DCfusion helps clients find economical solutions for these mission critical sites.

Big Box / Retail
Retail corporations often want to be not just environmentally responsible, but also achieve greater energy efficiency while maintaining a strong ROI.  As of late, big box retailers are being recognized as community leaders in providing their services to regions overwhelmed by a natural disaster. Additionally new technologies such as DER and electric vehicle charging is changing our energy profile, and DCfusion can help with economic DC solutions.

Many municipalities that maintain their own electric distribution also often manage the village water and waste water operations - critical to local population.  Implementation of sustainability and resiliency initiatives, while managing energy changes can be daunting. DCfusion works with leading technology companies to economically solve these challenges with on site generation and energy storage solutions.